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Alarcon Investigations

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Our surveillance services cover a range of investigations, including infidelity, matrimonial, employee, fraud, theft, adultery, civil, insurance, and more. We employ state-of-the-art equipment to discreetly capture subject activities, providing high-quality documentation. Photos and videos are admissible in court, are promptly delivered, and our investigators are available for testimony if needed. Services extend to most cities across the United States.

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Social Media and Background Investigations

Our investigators leverage  technology to document and observe an individuals background and analyze their social media activity. This allows us to discern patterns that aid in uncovering any inconsistencies in past behaviour.  Our team identifies and records all relevant background information in public records and social media platforms. Meta data and exif data are secured to guarantee the admissibility of our findings in court, even if the individual attempts to delete it subsequently. We conduct a thorough examination and cross-reference of data to ensure its accuracy.

 remains court-ready,

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Insurance/Fraud Investigations

Our team of private investigators specialize in worker's compensation and liability insurance claims. We execute comprehensive activity checks and neighborhood investigations to discern the intricacies of your case.  We employ  techniques to ensure we properly captureand document evidence for potential trial. Should the need arise, our investigators stand ready to provide expert testimony in court proceedings, ensuring a thorough and credible examination of the information gathered.

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Process Service/Difficult Serves

Our professional process serving team excels in the swift and reliable delivery of legal documents. Navigating challenging serves is our specialty. Whether dealing with elusive individuals or complex locations, our experienced team is adept at overcoming obstacles. We thrive on the complexities of difficult serves, employing strategic approaches and tenacity to ensure successful deliveries even in the most challenging scenarios. We serve a diverse range of documents, including summonses, subpoenas, and court orders. Trust us to handle your legal document delivery needs with efficiency and confidentiality.

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About Us

Licensed Professionals

Alarcon Investigations delivers expert private investigative services spanning the entire private and insurance industry spectrum. We ensure optimal outcomes for every case by employing comprehensive toolkits and strategic methodologies.

Our specialization encompasses a diverse array of services, including activity checks, workers compensation AOE/COE claims investigations, subrogation, complex death claims, premium fraud investigations, loss scene inspections, background checks, and more. We acquire the essential evidence and witness statements vital to your case needs.


While based in California, Alarcon Investigations extends its services nationwide, ensuring clients across locations receive the same high-quality service they would in face-to-face meetings. Operating on honesty, integrity, and professionalism principles, we approach every case with utmost seriousness. Entrust your case to Alarcon Investigations, and you'll witness tangible results—results essential for case resolution.

Our investigative services prioritize attention to detail, confidentiality, and thoroughness. At Alarcon Investigations, expect nothing less than the highest standard of service tailored to meet your investigation needs.

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What Sets Us Apart

At Alarcon Investigations, we pride ourselves on delivering a unique quality of service meticulously tailored to meet the distinct needs of each client. Our commitment extends beyond mere solutions; we prioritize understanding your specific requirements to provide personalized and effective outcomes. What sets us apart is not only our dedication to timeliness in responses but also our unwavering focus on client-centric solutions. In an industry marked by standard approaches, we stand out by offering a customized experience that exceeds expectations, ensuring that every client receives the attention, consideration, and results they deserve. Choose Alarcon Investigations for a service that not only meets industry standards but elevates them to new heights.

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